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Family & friends

We want to introduce to you Dean's family and his closest friends and companions. This list is incomplete and will be growing. If you have further information, please submit them to us.

We will publish only verified, factually correct information. There is no place for personal matter or speculations.

Dean's family

Cyril Reed (20.05.1903-29.10.1982) was Dean's father, a teacher for mathematics and history in Wheat Ridge in Colorado.

Dean mit mit seinem Vater 1940 Dean besucht seinen Vater in Californien Cyril Reed 1982 Las Vegas

Dr. Ruth Anna Hansen Brown, born June 15, 1914, in Port Chester, New York was Dean's mother. She was the child of Danish emigrants. She attended a ballet school in her birth town. After her marriage with Cyril Reed she was a housewife. Later she married the scientist in religion Ralph Willard Odom. At old age she studied sociology at the University of Hawaii Ruth Anna Brown 1990 in Honolulu. In 1976 she graduated with excellent results. She did her doctorate in 1986. For a publication of the Center for Global Nonviolence she wrote a chapter about the Quaker. Dr. Ruth Anna Hansen Brown died on 2nd September, 2000, in Colorado. She was burried on the Green Mountain Cemetery in Boulder (Colorado/USA), where Dean and Ralph Willard Odom found their last resting-place too.

(...) The 13th of June (15th of June, the Red.) is also Dean Reed's mother, Ruth Anna Brown's birthday. Let us remember her also. Ruth Anna died last year. She was a magnificent woman. She was a great beauty in her youth, a good mother and wife, an excellent teacher who inspired many students, a feminist, a role model, and a good friend to many. She continued her education, believing that education is never finished... She loved life. She loved Dean. She believed that life had a purpose. She believed that Dean had a purpose. As we remember Dean's death, may we also remember Ruth Anna's birth: the mother of Dean Reed. She was my friend. I will miss her. (Will Roberts 2001)

Dean mit Mutter, Ruth Anna (27483 Byte) Dean mit seiner Mutter und Renate (49818 Byte) Ruth Anna Brown 1987 (40780 Byte)
Ruth Anna Brown with Dean as guest at the international women's congress, Berlin GDR 1975 Renate and Dean with Ruth Anna in front of the Palast der Republik, Berlin GDR 1981 Ruth Anna Brown with the document of honor of a textile factory in Leipzig GDR

Ralph Willard Odom, born February 6, 1921, was the last husband of Dean's mother since 1979. He was a scientist in religion and had a close relation to Dean. He died 19th September, 2000 in California. He was buried in Boulder (Colorado/USA), where Dean and his mother found their last resting-place too.

Ralph und Ruth 1978 (16472 Byte) Ralph und Ruth 1999

Dale R. Reed (*07.06.1935) is Dean's elder brother, today living in Seattle (Washington/USA).

Baby Dean and brother Dale 1939 Dean and brother Dale 1957

Vernon Reed (called Vern) (*13.11.1943) is Deans younger brother, today living in Florida (USA).

Die Dean Familie (22154 Byte) From left to right:
Cyril, Ruth Anna, Dean, Vernon and Dale Reed

David Krogh is Dean's cousin, living in the USA.

Will Matlack is Dean's cousin, living in the USA. Will's memory of Dean.

Patricia Hobbs Reed, born April 29, 1939, Dean's first wife since 1964, died aged 76 in Los Angeles (USA) in 2016.

Hochzeit 1964 Dean and Patricia at their 1964 wedding in Mexico-City

Ramona Chimene Guevara Price Reed is Dean's first daughter. She was born May 2, 1968, in Rome.

Ramona 1968 Dean mit Ramona (24233 Byte) Dean with his daughter Ramona

Wiebke Reed, born August 29, 1941, Dean's second wife, today living in Berlin (Germany).

Hochzeit mit Wiebke (40940 Byte) Hochzeit mit Wiebke (38858 Byte) Wedding photos, July, 1973

Natalie Reed (called Natascha by Dean), Dean's second daughter, born May 17, 1976, today living in Berlin (Germany).

Dean mit Natascha (17961 Byte) Dean with his daughter Natascha

Renate Blume, born May 3, 1944, Dean's third wife since 22nd September, 1981. She is an actress too, today living in Berlin (Germany).

Renate und Dean in Moskau (33396 Byte) Renate Blume (9014 Byte) Renate Blume (11746 Byte)
Renate Blume-Reed and Dean Reed
International film festival Moscow 1981
[Interview 2001]

Alexander Reed (called Sascha by Dean), born 1969, Dean's adopted son, today living in Berlin (Germany). He is an actor. His physical father is the director Frank Beyer.

Alexander Reed 1982

Dean's friends

Phil Everly (January 19, 1939 - January 3, 2014) was Dean's friend since the days in Hollywood. He visited Dean in Berlin and attended his concerts in Karl-Marx-Stadt (today Chemnitz) in 1979 and in Berlin in 1981. Phil and his brother Don are the "Everly Brothers". The Everly Brothers, Wikipedia

Phil Everly Konzert mit Phil Everly (33479 Byte)

Victor Grossman was Dean's interpreter in the first years, living in Berlin. He became his adviser and friend.

Victor Grossman

Victor Jara, born September 28, 1938, in Chile, sang together with Dean on meetings for the Unidad Popular in Chile in the early seventies. He was killd 15th September 1973 in Santiago. Dean's Film "El Cantor" was dedicated to Victor Jara.

Václav Neckář, the famous singer and actor from the Czech Republic, played and sang with Dean.

Dean and Vaclav in the movie Sing Cowboy sing

Paton Price was Dean's teacher at the actors' studio and set an example to Dean.

Dean mit Paton Price (20950 Byte) Paton Price 1982 Hollywood

Heinz Quermannn wrote many texts and statements, which Dean spoke in the GDR.

Dean with Heinz Quermann

Günter Reisch (November 24, 1927 - February 24, 2014) was a successful German socialist director. He was involved in the preparation for Dean's last movie project "Bloody Heart".

Günter Reisch

Will Roberts, born June 19, 1950, shoot the American documentary "American Rebel". He was a close friend of Dean and spoke at the funeral ceremonies, when Dean's friends and fans said goodbye to Dean.

Will Roberts interviews Dean Reed 1981 Will Roberts, Dean Reed, and the flag 1981

John Rosenburg wrote the song Nobody Knows Me Back In My Hometown for Dean.

Oleg Smirnov was one of Dean's closest Russian friends. He was Dean's interpreter for the BAM tour and most of his visits through the Soviet Union since 1979.

Oleg Smirnow

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