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Dale R. Reed (*07.06.1935) ist Deans älterer Bruder und lebt heute in Seattle (Washington/USA).

Dale R. Reed (*07.06.1935) is Dean's elder brother, today living in Seattle (Washington/USA).

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Dean said that our Father paid for my education but not his

I don't know why Dean said that our Father paid for my education but not his. The fact is while Dean was chasing girls and doing sports in High School I was an excellent student earning a four year scholarship to any Colorado university. And both of us worked our tails off working during school and in summers to pay our bills. Dad helped both of us paying for gas (he sold gasoline), one year of use of his apartment, and some food, but mostly Dean and I paid our own expensives.

Dale R. Reed, August 16, 2007

Incorrect myth about Dean that he grew up on a chicken farm

One of the incorrect myths about Dean is that he grew up on a Lakewood or Wheat Ridge chicken farm... Our father and our mother (eventually) had "itchy feet" so their children would be expected to be goers. One of our father's many sayings was "a rolling stone gathers no moss but it certainly gets well polished."

With exceptions. Katy and I have been married for 46 years living in this Seattle home (house is as old as I am) for 43 years. Only my father's younger brother George was married to only one woman during his life.

Dale R. Reed, July 4, 2008

Some of the reasons our father killed himself/"able to afford a leg"

discussion in the Dean Reed forum

Dale R. Reed, September 2008

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