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Gringo Rojo

Gringo Rojo

Red Gringo

dir./Regie: Miguel Ángel Vidaurre

prod. Paulina Obando

Chile, 2016, 67 min.

Gringo rojo Gringo rojo Gringo rojo
Gringo rojo Gringo rojo Gringo rojo
Gringo rojo Gringo rojo Gringo rojo
Gringo rojo

28. September 2019: "Gringo Rojo" im Kino BABYLON in Berlin

Gringo Rojo

Kino Babylon am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin-Mitte
Beginn: 14 Uhr, Eintritt: 7 €
Chilenischer Dokfilm von Miguel Ángel Vidaurre (Regie), Paulina Obando (Prod.)
67 min | 2016
Deutsche Untertitel von Ilga Röder.

Dean Reed kam als Popstar nach Chile, wo er in einer bemerkenswerten politischen Transformation zum "Roten Elvis" wurde.

Ab sofort kann man beim Kino Babylon Karten online kaufen.


Dean Reed und die "Chilean Connection"

"Das ist ein Werk der Popkultur" Interview mit Regisseur Miguel Ángel Vidaurre

American Rebel über die Premiere in Santiago

9. und 11. Juni 2016: "Red Gringo" beim Internationalen Filmfestival in Seattle

The Seattle International Film Fest is just about the biggest film festival around, with a whopping 421 films across the 25-day fest from May 19-June 21.

Red Gringo
Gringo Rojo
Chile | 2016 | 67 minutes | Miguel Ángel Vidaurre
After signing with Capitol Records in the early 1960's, Colorado-born singer Dean Reed found success at home elusive, but became a pop sensation in Latin America. While touring Chile, he underwent a surprising political transformation that earned him the nickname "The Red Elvis."
June 9, 2016 - AMC Pacific Place 11 - 7:00 PM
June 11, 2016 - Kirkland Performance Center - 6:00 PM

The Stranger:
Equipped with excellent bone structure and a serviceable voice, Dean Reed was an aspiring American romantic balladeer whose career was stagnating in the late '50s and early '60s. But once the slick crooner moved to Chile, he scored many hits, coming off like a cross between Neil Diamond and radical-lefty folkie Phil Ochs. Red Gringo recounts Reed's transformation from teen idol to political activist, crosscutting among a jumbled mélange of concert footage, newsreel clips, and interviews. Reed found purpose for his life and art fighting for social progress for the proletariat, but died in East Berlin in 1986 under mysterious circumstances. (DAVE SEGAL)

"Gringo Rojo" im Dean-Reed-Forum

Onlinezeitung "American Rebel"

Press review/Pressespiegel

  • El Mostrador 01.02.2016: "El gringo rojo", la historia del atípico cantante estadounidense que apoyó a la UP
    "THE RED GRINGO" the story of an atypical North American Singer who backed up the UP
    "El gringo rojo", die Geschichte des untypischen US-amerikanischen Sängers, der die Unidad Popular unterstützte
  • La Tercera 10.02.2016: Estrenan documental sobre Dean Reed, el Elvis Rojo
    Documentary about Dean Reed, the Red Elvis
    Der Dokumentarfilm über Dean Reed, den Roten Elvis, wird uraufgeführt
  • Extensión UCM 02.03.2016: Estreno Nacional: Gringo Rojo de Miguel Ángel Vidaurre [LINK]
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  • Remezcla.com 11.03.2016: TRAILER: 'Gringo Rojo' Is the Strange-But-True Story of an American Country Singer Who Found Fame in Chile
  • LaSegunda 16.03.2016: Rockin' in the UP [LINK]
  • El Mostrador 17.03.2016: Crítica de cine: "Gringo rojo", la anatomía pública de un fantasma [LINK]
  • BBC Mundo 17.03.2016: La curiosa historia del "Elvis rojo", el "gringo" que apoyó la revolución en América Latina [LINK]
  • Goethe-Institut Chile, März 2016: Dean Reed und die "Chilean Connection"
    Dean Reed y la "Chilean Connection"
  • Goethe-Institut Chile, März 2016: "Das ist ein Werk der Popkultur"
    "Este es mi trabajo más pop"
  • Guillermo Tupper 19.04.2016: La historia de Los Amigos de María, el grupo chileno que tocó con Dean Reed
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  • Cineaste, Vol. XLI, No. 4 (Fall 2016): The Forty-Second Seattle International Film Festival



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