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I'm not ashamed

Sanchez, Victor Manuel (engl.: Dean Reed)
(= No Me Duele Decirlo, = Ich schäme mich nicht)

I'm not ashamed to tell you
that I've had her hair between my fingers
that I've had her lips kissing my shoulder
and I desired her
that I learned every line of her slim body
and the moments of laughter
and her footsteps arriving at my door
humming our favourite song
forgetting all my wrongs
no, I'm not ashamed to tell you
I'm not ashamed to tell you
that I embraced her shadow without wanting
that I've searched for different ways to say
that I loved her
or that I felt lonely
to feel the warmness of her sweet love
under my body
to hear her footsteps at my door
coming into my den
saying "here I am"
she was faithful I knew it
but than one day in the morning about noon time
she came home with tears and with her eyes lower down
and without wanting
the silence became deeper and more profound
and in the silence
I watched her
she prepared her suitcase
and walking out the door
she didn't turn around
I'm not ashamed to tell you


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Victor Manuel


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