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Der Rote Elvis

Dean Reed - The Red Elvis/Der Rote Elvis


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Info: Dean Reed was an expatriate American and equal parts rugged cowboy and dogmatic leftist. A huge star in the DDR, decades later he remains an enigma.

Synopsis: Red Elvis is a complex examination of the phenomenon of Dean Reed, an expatriate American performer who was cowboy and dogmatic leftist in equal measure. After conversion to radicalism in the turbulent South America of the 1960s, Reed abandoned the US for the socialist camp and managed to rise to unprecedented superstar status in the East Block during the 1970s. This absorbing documentary portrait examines his admittedly mixed legacy today, and how he is perceived two decades after his mysterious death. Treating Reed as a symbolic figure within a larger international context, the filmmakers trace his steps from his hometown in Colorado to his adopted home of Berlin, searching out fans and memories from as far afield as Russia and Chile. · Q&A after the screenings

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