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Der Rote Elvis

Dean Reed - The Red Elvis/Der Rote Elvis


STARZ Denver International Film Festival


"The Red Elvis"
Sat, Nov. 10, 12:00 PM Starz Film Center RED1
Sun, Nov. 11, 09:00 PM Starz Film Center RED2

STARZ Denver International Film Festival

The Red Elvis
Der Rote Elvis
Germany, 2007, 90 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Biopic, Documentary, Educational, Foreign, Political, Social Issues
Language: English, Spanish, German English Sub-Titles

DIRECTOR: Leopold Grün
Producer: Thomas Janze
Editor: Dirk Uhlig
Cinematographer: Thomas Janze

STARZ Denver International Film Festival

June 17, 1986: a body is dragged out of a lake in East Berlin. It's identified as Dean Reed, a 47-year-old, Colorado-born singer and actor whose mysterious life remains the stuff of global pop-culture legend and serves as the subject of this spellbinding documentary from German filmmaker Leopold Grün.

In 1962 having attained only marginal success in the music business at home Reed traveled to South America, where he became a major pop success. Embracing leftist politics along the way, he counted among his close friends Chilean president Salvador Allende and activist folk singer Victor Jara through whose Moscow connections he soon achieved superstardom in the Eastern Bloc as well. Settling in the German Democratic Republic, Reed released a steady stream of hit records both there and in the Soviet Union and became the first American rock musician to perform regularly behind the Iron Curtain all while starring in his share of spaghetti Westerns. But he never abandoned his American citizenship; on the contrary, Reed dreamed of returning to the United States as a spokesman for world peace. A stateside comeback appeared all but impossible in the twilight of the Cold War, however which also cast an eerie glow upon his untimely death.

Grün weaves extensive archival footage of Reed and interviews with those who knew him best not only his many lovers but also former GDR leader Egon Krenz and Denver radio host Peter Boyles into a compellingly thorough examination of Dean Reed's life and legacy.

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