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Der Rote Elvis

Dean Reed - The Red Elvis/Der Rote Elvis


Film Festival Athen


Termin "The Red Elvis": 23.09.2007, 18:00
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Film Festival Athen


Then again, there are some people who somehow manage to rise above controversy, inspiring awe with their vision and artistry. Annie Leibovitz is one of them. In Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens the photographer's sister Barbara Leibovitz pieces together interviews by Mick Jagger, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Hillary Clinton, George Clooney, Yoko Ono and others to chronicle the career of the most celebrated photographer of our times.

Red Elvis, on the other hand, recounts the trials and tribulations of a lesser-known idol - East Germany's own version of the King. Early 70s pop star Dean Reed denounced his American heritage to embraced socialism causing an outrage among his countrymen who decided to wipe him off the map. The documentary was featured in this year's Berlin Film Festival.

Red Elvis - Der Rote Elvis

The suggestion that East German audiences once had their own version of the King might sound like a bad joke, but within it lies the true story of one fascinating and controversial man. Born in Denver, Colorado, Dean Reed rises to fame as a pop star in his home country breaking many a girl's heart, but experiences a sudden communist awakening during a tour in Latin America. His decision to publicly denounce his country's crimes turns Reed into a godsent tool in the hands of East Germany propaganda. Always the restless spirit, Reed takes arms against the Israelis, reveals his dark side in his personal relationships and regularly incites the American public with his statements. Following the rise and fall of a man that managed to look beyond his rare talent -not to mention his ravishing looks- Leopold Grün's documentary is so real it's almost unreal. The film was presented in this year's Berlin Film Festival.

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