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Wandering Girl

(= Chica Inquieta)

(= God creates them I kill them)

Dean Reed

I fell in love with a wandering girl
had that wandering love
she promised me she'd never go roam
and now I'm all alone, alone, alone
oh god I'm alone.

She got on the train that very same night
to me it looked like she was in flight
she was running from a love affair
to me it seemed like she didn't really care
she didn't really care.


You're looking for excitement and love
but I to you cannot give
what you don't seem to realize
that I did not [...]
to live, to live, to live
take it not and [...]

Now she's gone and I listen to the wind
through the trees she seems to moan
oh my god I have but one request
that at the end she's not alone, alone, alone
at the end she's not alone


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Single Single Single

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Film "Mi primera novia" 1965 Argentinien


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