La Bamba


UK Music for Pleasure (EMI) MFP 1239/1965


La Bamba · Dean Reed

In South America they have a word that no English word can express exactly - the word is 'Simpatia'. It means mote than sympathy, more than friendship; it implies a quality of understanding, an ability to affect our hidden feelings. The nearest we might get to it is 'soul'. It is this word which has become synonymous with Dean 'Simpatia' Reed. Born in Denver, Colorado, Dean studied at Whetridge College and at the University of Colorado. He is a first-class athlete, a discus-thrower and a cross-country runner, and in 1962 he became an Olympic swimming champion. He started a career in cinema, filming in Hollywood with Tony Curtis, but the great success of his first record, his own composition 'Nuestro Amor Veraniego' ('Our Summer Romance') made him decide to become a singer. He soon became a top star, concentrating on South America audiences, and it was his fans in Argentina, where he has become familiar on radio and television, who first give him the name 'Mr. Simpatia'.

'La Bamba', a favourite song of South America and the world, opens this album, and it is a good example of Dean's hot handling of a fast number. His repertoire ranges from Calypso ('Banana Boot Song') to Tamla Motown ('I Can't Help Myself'). Three of the songs are Dean's own compositions, and they give a good indication of his versatility: 'Wandering Girl' is an appealing, up-tempo ballad, 'Oleana' is a very imaginative modern spiritual in march time, and 'Don't Tell Him No' is a beat-filled 'shouter'. Finally his tender interpretation of the ballad 'Maria' should make it clear, as words never can exactly, what the word 'Simpatia' means.

Orchestra directed by Armando Patrono

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Dean, el mr. Simpatia! Para bailar la bamba...

Angel, 20.08.2009

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