Capitol Records 1958


Introducing Dean Reed

in the spotlight

Capitol Record No. 4121 "The Search"/"Annabelle"

Handsome, robust, former track star Dean Reed is introduced via A&R man Voyle Gilmore on Capitol. Twenty-year-old Reed, a cerain teen-ager's delight, measures six foot tall, with hazel-cast eyes, possesses a natural tan and wholesome smile. He was brought to Gilmore's attention by one-time chanter Roy Eberhart, present manager for Reed.

An athletic enthusiast, Reed proved to be a winner in gymnastics during his Wheatridge High School days in Denver. Excelling in flying rings, he trained for the Olympics, which was interrupted, however, by his affinity for music. He has an older brother, 23, a scientist who is in the South Pole, an a 15-year-old brother. Reed's mother teaches dancing, his father is a math instructor.

Not too long ago Reed won the cross-country record in track in a 110-mile race against a man on a mule. The event attracted national press coverage.

During his college days at Univesiy of Colorado in Boulder, Reed strummed guitar and sang in country clubs, earning his board. He has had no formal musical education, comes by his talent in innate and spontaneous fashion. On his first Capitol recording session he waxed three tunes he composed. An avid fan of Harry Belafonte, Reed describes his own singing as "pop-folk."

On the personal side, Reed drives a black Chevy Impala convertible. He does not drink or smoke, likes dive-in movies. He prefers long flowing hairdo's on his galfriends and likes to take them swimming or hiking for he is constantly on a self-improvement kick; "I have my manager doing push-ups and he gave up smoking," Reed grins. "Athletics is a way of life. If you learn competition in that, you can apply it to everything."

Before he performs, often he is nervous, Reed reveals. "I juggle whatever may be handy. It relaxes me." As far as reading is concerned, Reeds selects historical material.

Reed was born Sept. 22, 1938 in Denver. He now resides with his family in Phoenix, Ariz. Two of his disk jockey champions have been Gene Price at KIMN in Denver and Andy Lane at KIRZ in Phoenix.

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