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Januar 2023: Podcast On Tour with The Red Elvis, aka Dean Reed the US Cold War music star

Cold War Conversations

Neil Jacobs is a guitarist who first met Dean Reed briefly while renting accommodation from the director of a documentary of Dean Reed called "American Rebel".

Neil later served on the US Cultural Delegation to the Moscow World Youth Festival in 1985 and unlike most of the participants, he was assigned by the Soviets. We talk about how he came to attend and his experiences at this event. It was at this event he began his friendship with Dean Reed.

Neil then traveled extensively with Dean Reed both in the US and in the Eastern Bloc from 1985-1986 and was one of the last people to see him before his death.


Dezember 2022: Podcast RED ELVIS, 6 Folgen

Red Elvis 2022

Jeden Mittwoch erschien eine neue Folge des RED ELVIS Podcasts von und mit Ramona Reed.

"Dean Reed's Hollywood career was brief, but he became an international superstar during the height of the Cold War, living in Latin America and communist Europe. After going public about wanting to return home to the United States, Dean's life came to a mysterious end. Decades later, his daughter Ramona is determined to find out what really happened to him."


Blühende Landschaften #56 Der rote Elvis

Thomas und Hennes sprechen über das Phänomen Dean Reed, jenem amerikanischen Sänger, der sich freiwillig entschlossen hat in der DDR zu leben und dort als "roter Elvis" gefeiert wurde. Warum er das tat, wofür er gebrannt hat, warum er letztendlich gescheitert ist und warum Tom Hanks ein grosser Fan von ihm ist... alles in der neuen Folge "Blühende Landschaften"!


Robert The anti Cold War activist

Robert Perschmann describes himself as an anti-Cold War activist.

His political views started to form while serving in the US Air Force during the Vietnam War period where he saw first hand the toll on the US military and the racism prevalent in the American South.

An interview with a Soviet journalist which was broadcast on PBS radio (the US equivalent of the BBC) was the catalyst for an almost one-man campaign to reduce tensions between the two superpowers.

At this point, Robert was working as a US Mailman where he financed numerous visits to the Soviet Union to foster a better understanding between the two systems and became friends with many Soviet personalities including Dean Reed and legendary Soviet journalist Vladimir Posner...


Cold War Conversations

Seit 14. Dezember 2019: Podcast Cold War Conversations:
"Dean Reed Eastern Bloc Music Star Episode 2"

Ramona Reed continues the story of her father who was Dean Reed an American actor, singer and songwriter, director, and Socialist who became a huge star in Latin America and the Eastern Bloc.

So back to today's episode Ramona gives her candid view on her father's untimely death, as well as Dean Reed's friendship with fellow star and Reagan supporter Phil Everly.

Cold War Conversations

Seit 7. Dezember 2019: Podcast Cold War Conversations:
"Dean Reed Eastern Bloc Music Star Episode 1"

Ramona Reed's father was Dean Reed an American actor, singer and songwriter, director, and Socialist who became a huge star in Latin America and the Eastern Bloc.

Ramona was born in 1968 and gives insight into his life via private correspondence, but also what it was like to be the daughter of such a huge Eastern Bloc star.

Seit 13. November 2019: Documentary Podcast "Rock Around the Bloc" on Dean Reed

Lost Highways

Alle 2 Wochen erscheint ein neuer Podcast über bemerkenswerte Geschichten aus Colorado. Seit 13. November kann man die Episode "Rock Around the Bloc" über Dean Reed anhören. Unter anderen wurden Victor Grossman und Will Roberts interviewt.

History Colorado has launched its new documentary podcast, Lost Highways: Dispatches from the Shadows of the Rocky Mountains. Writer Noel Black and Producer Tyler Hill set out to discover their home state of Colorado through stories they can't believe they've never heard before. Every other week, Lost Highways will provide fresh context for dialogues and debates that have shaped our world.

Mid-November: "...and the 'Red Elvis,' a man who might have been John Denver before he defected to cold-war East Germany."

A US Soldier defects to East Germany Part 2

We continue the story of Victor Grossman the US Army soldier who defected to East Germany in the 1960s. He tells us of his life in the GDR, his close friendship with Dean Reed "The Red Elvis", of shortages, his views on Egon Krenz and his first trip back to the US in the 1990s...


Doberschütz und der amerikanische Freund - Musik vs Geheimdienst

WDR 3 Hörspiel, 53 Min.

Krimi. Frank Doberschütz, ehemaliger Kriminalpolizist und nach seinem Rauswurf illegaler Privatdetektiv in den letzten DDR-Jahren in Ostberlin, bekommt von einer unbekannten Frau den Auftrag, die Hintergründe zum Tod eines US-Bürgers zu erforschen: Dean Cyril Reed. // Von Tom Peuckert / Regie: Thomas Leutzbach / WDR 2016


Dean Reed: The Man Who Rocked the Iron Curtain


In the '70s and '80s, Dean Reed's albums went gold in the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and parts of Latin America. He made movies and TV specials and played to packed audiences of adoring fans.

In 1986, as glasnost created cracks in the Berlin Wall, Reed drowned in East Berlin, a death that was variously ascribed to the East German secret police, the KGB and the CIA.

Reggie Nadelson is a writer and filmmaker who became obsessed with the life of this Colorado cowboy and traveled to Berlin and Moscow to find out more about him...

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