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Olympic Sports and Propaganda Games: Moscow 1980

Olympic Sports and Propaganda Games: Moscow 1980

Baruch A. Hazan

Transaction, Inc., New Brunswick, New Jersey 1982, ISBN: 087855436X

Delegations to Moscow: Foreigners in the Service of Soviet Propaganda

page 100

The most outspoken were the "old hands" of the Soviet propaganda apparatus, such as "the U.S. fighter for peace, singer, and actor" Dean Reed: "I deem it very important that thousands and thousands of people will come to Moscow, the capital of the first socialist state in the world, and will acquaint themselves with the Soviet way of life. Numerous tourists from the capitalist countries will see for the first time the real socialism. I am absolutely sure that this visit will open their eyes about many things... I am convinced that the guests of the Moscow Olympic Games will leave the U.S.S.R. with reversed notions about socialism and better understanding of detente and peaceful coexistence."119 Reed's statement was a typical example of both the way foreigners were utilized and the "propaganda effect" anticipated by organizers of the Moscow Olympic Games.

119. Dean Reed, "Viel Erfolg," interview, Olympiade-80 (no. 29, 1979), p. 33.



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