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Ramble Colorado

Ramble Colorado

The Wanderer's Guide to the Offbeat, Overlooked, and Outrageous

Eric Peterson

Speck Pr 2008. ISBN: 978-1933108193, 232 pages

About Dean Reed: page 24

Following on the distinctively hip heels of Ramble: A Field Guide to the U.S.A., seasoned travel writer Eric Peterson kicks off his state-by-state series with the Centennial State's most quirky and intriguing attractions and highlights, as well as regaling five first-person road trips.

Written in a sociologist-meets-Gonzo style, Ramble Colorado alternates between regional chapters and first-person travelogues. The regional chapters dish up the likes of maps, oddball stats, required reading, viewing, and listening lists, and all sorts of atypical tourist destinations, as well as the typical guidebook fare: places to wet your whistle, fill your gullet, and catch some ZZZs. The travelogues offer more vicarious journeys through cities, towns, and beyond, delivered with Peterson's openness to new experiences and self-deprecating humor. Delve into such adventures as "Zen and Longing in the High Country," "The Napa Valley of Beer," and "Colfax Avenue Vacation." With Ramble Colorado in hand, allow the call of the wild road to deliver you to your next idiosyncratic vacation destination in Colorado.

page 24

Ramble Colorado

Denver and the Front Range

Dean Reed, 1938-1986

Green Mountain Cemetery
Near the back center of section K
290 20th St., Boulder

After his attempt at pop stardom fizzled in the U.S., musician and actor Dean Reed fostered a South American fan base, moved to Argentina, and became a leftist activist against his native country's foreign policy. Argentina deported him in 1966, and he eventually landed in East Germany, where he emerged as the Soviet Union's biggest musical sensation. Despite his outspoken opposition to U.S. policy - which attracted a lot of hate mail and death threats - Reed never renounced his U.S. citizenship, and he filed tax returns with the I.R.S. until his mysterious drowning in 1986, which some say was murder and others claim was suicide.




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