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My Jiddische Mama

(= Mi Madre Hebrea, My Yiddishe mame)

My Yiddishe mame
I need her more than ever now
My Yiddishe mame
I'd love to kiss that wrinked brow
I long to hold her hand once more
As in days gone by
And ask her to forgive me for
Things I did that made her cry
How few were her pleasures
She never cared for fashion's styles
Her jewels and treasures
She found them in her babies' smiles
Oh, I know that I owe
What I am today
To that dear little lady
So old and gray
To that wonderful Yiddishe mame,
Mame, mame, oy, mayn!

In wasser un fayer
Wolt si gelofen far' ir kind.
Nicht raltn ir tayer,
Dos is gewis di gresteh sind.
Oy, wie gliklech un reich
Is der mench, wos rot
Asa sheineh matuneh
Gesheinkt fun Got,
Such a wonderful yiddishe mame.
Mame, mame, oy, mame mayn.


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