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La Stirpe di Caino

Stirpe di Caino
Premiere:07.12.1971 in Italien
Länge:91 Min.
Regie:Lamberto Benvenuti
Buch:Lamberto Benvenuti
Kamera:Aiace Parolin
Schnitt:Piera Bruni
Darsteller:Stefania Careddu
Dean Reed
Umberto Raho
Gino Lavagetto
Cathérine Damiani
Antonio Salines
Carlo Boso
Margherita Horowitz
Giorgio Favretto
Roy Bosier
Magda Mercatali
Mariangela Giordano


La Stirpe di Caino La Stirpe di Caino La Stirpe di Caino
La Stirpe di Caino

Rare erotic thrilling filmed in 1969, yet released two years later. The relatives of a young rebellious hier to a fortune (Dean Reed), who spends most of his time on a yacht, try to have the kid interned as a madman, but are mysteriously killed one by one, in the family's villa. A girl (Stefania Careddu), lost at sea and saved by the young man, will also have some surprises in store...

"Giallo & Thrilling all'Italian" book, source/Quelle

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