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Love Has Many Faces

Heißer Strand Acapulco
Mil Rostros Tiene El Amor
L'Amour A Plusieurs Visages
Strani Amori

Premiere:24.02.1965 in den USA (NY)
29.10.1965 in Finnland
22.11.1965 in GB
30.09.1966 in Dänemark
Länge:104 min.
Produktionsfirma:Columbia Pictures Corporation
Regie:Alexander Singer
Buch:Marguerite Roberts
Produktion:Jerry Bresler
Originalmusik:David Raksin
Kamera:Joseph Ruttenberg
Schnitt:Alma Macrorie
Bauten/Dekorationsbau:Alfred Sweeney
Bühnenbildner/Ausstatter:Noldi Schreck
Kostüme:Edith Head
Regie-Ass.:Dick Moder
Darsteller:Lana TurnerKit Jordan
Cliff RobertsonPete Jordon
Hugh O'BrianHank Walker
Ruth RomanMargot Eliot
Stefanie PowersCarol Lambert
Virginia GreyIrene Talbot
Ron HusmannChuck Austin
Enrique LuceroLieutenant Riccardo Andrade
Carlos MontalbánDon Julian
Jaime BravoManuel Perez
Fanny SchillerMaria
René DupeyrónRamos
Dean Reed
Patricia Hobbs
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Love Has Many Faces Love Has Many Faces Love Has Many Faces
Strani Amori Strani Amori Love Has Many Faces
Strani Amori Love Has Many Faces Love Has Many Faces
Mil Rostros Tiene El Amor L'Amour A Plusieurs Visages Heißer Strand Acapulco
Love Has Many Faces Heißer Strand Acapulco Heißer Strand Acapulco
Heißer Strand Acapulco Heißer Strand Acapulco Heißer Strand Acapulco
Love Has Many Faces Heißer Strand Acapulco Heißer Strand Acapulco
Love Has Many Faces Love Has Many Faces Love Has Many Faces
Heißer Strand Acapulco - VHS Heißer Strand Acapulco - VHS Heißer Strand Acapulco - VHS

DVD 2011

Format: NTSC, DVD-R
Region: Region 1 encoding; USA & Canada
Number of discs: 1
DVD Release Date: June 7, 2011
Run Time: 104 minutes

We don't know if Dean Reed's part is to be seen in this version or cut out.

In der Ferienoase der Superreichen finden eine reiche Frau und ein junger Nichtstuer durch starke Belastungen ihrer Ehe endgültig zueinander. Umschattet wird das Ganze durch Erpressung, Eifersucht, Hass und Selbstmord.

High life among American beach bums in Acapulco is lavishly dramatized in this Jerry Bresler production starring Lana Turner, Cliff Robertson and Hugh O'Brian.

Turner portrays a millionairess surrounded by moochers - including her husband, Robertson - and desperately striving for unfound happiness in her own particular brandy-swilling world. Narrative concerns the love affairs - the many faces of love - at the glamorous resort.

Alexander Singer's direction gets the utmost in values from his story and cast, although none of latter is particularly sympathetic. O'Brian is an expert in the art of sharing his company for money and as a sideline indulges in friendly blackmail, in this case Ruth Roman, a wealthy divorcee.

Turner lends conviction in a demanding part and Robertson is forceful as her husband who married her for her money but finds his life distasteful. O'Brian turns in a good job as a beach parasite who sells his wares to avid young touristas.

(Color) Available on VHS. Extract of a review from 1965. Running time: 104 MIN.

Variety review

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Love Has Many Faces

Dankeschon for the pictures... I have this film also. That is me in the black and white bikini with the Schauspieler Hugh O'Brian who was at that time my Freund because Dean and I had broken off our relationship in Mexico City. The famous Schauspielerin in the orange is Lana Turner.

When the movie came out in 1964 Dean's part was in the movie. It was near the end of the film, where he played an American playboy and the Mexican police interviewed him on the pier, just before Cliff Robertson arrived in the scene. Dean was so handsome in the part.

But sadly in this version of the film (tape) it has been cut... Also two more of my scenes were cut out of this version of the film.

After Dean did his part he went back to California, and I stay on in Acapulco with my new love interest Hugh. There was a lot of pictures of us together in the American & Mexico magazines and newspaper. When Dean found out about my relationship with Hugh... he flew back down to Mexico City ready to beat him up ... but my agent and I put a quick stop to that idea. Both men asked me to marry them...

What a time... it was all so dramatic, wildlebend and fun... I really had feelings for both of them... BUT... Guess who I married?

And I treasure so much the one thing Dean gave me... our daughter Ramona who is my angel and a blessing in my old age... 70... (I demand a recount...)

Dankeschon... I really treasure the photos... they bring back such wunderbar memories.

My best to you all, and Dankeschon for all the devoted work you and your team do for the MEMORY OF DEAN.

Love and peace Patricia Reed

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