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The Dean Reed website and the Online Newspaper American Rebel were created in 2000/2001. Over the years we have invested not only time and enthusiasm but also our personal funds.

Expenses include payments for the webspace, material for our Dean Reed Archive (not all items are donations), phone calls abroad, transportation expenses; also rental for our annual meeting, peace festivals, concerts etc. Additional expenses include advertising, flyer, banner, information desks at conferences (f.e. Rosa Luxemburg Conference). Last but not least we pay to rent rooms for our readers' meetings, we pay for postage and packing to hand out our flyers.

Please support our ongoing work with your donation - even small contributions are welcome.

You can donate either via Paypal or bank transfer (see below for details).

Thank you from the Dean Reed Archives Berlin and the Editors of American Rebel
Andrea, Marion, Norbert und Ina

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